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Choosing the Right Singaporean Maid Agency

If you need a maid for your family, there are some tips that can help you choose the right maid agency to look for one.


A maid in Singapore is called an "ah-mah" which means domestic helper or nanny. They are an integral part of life in Singapore. And families need maids because the pace of life in this place is very fast.


If you are an expatriate living in Singapore, it is more a necessity than a luxury to have a maid to help you out at home. Many of these domestic helpers are foreigners. There are thousands of foreign domestic helpers working in Singapore from surrounding Asian countries.


What then is the best way to go about looking for the right maid for your family? One way is to look for a maid yourself. This is a good option if you know of good maids or you have friends who can recommend their maids to you. However, you should watch out for some employers who say good things about their maids so that they can pass her on to you without buying her a plane ticket to send her back to her home country.


Another way to find a maid is to find the right singapore maid agency or professionals to help you. This is important because the maid will be working and living in your home.


Below are some tips to help you find the right maid agency for hiring a domestic helper.


Only fully licensed and accredited Singapore maid agencies are allowed to operate, under the Singapore government regulations. Make sure that you check the agency's licenses and accreditation documents. The agency has to be licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and accredited by the Consumer Association of Singapore.Click here for facts.


The maid agency should have a good reputation. Even if it is a big agency, it does not mean that it is a good agency. It is better to look for a maid in a smaller agency specializing in your needs.


Go to your friends and relatives and ask them which maid agency they recommend. If you know of any good maids, then you can ask to what agency they go to when they need to find an employer. This will give you some indications as to which maid agency is popular among the domestic helpers. Popular maid agencies usually have a good selection of maids to choose from. These agencies are likely to be fair to the maids and that is why they are popular to them.


Look for testimonials from satisfied customers from the maid agency. Good testimonials usually provide details.


Interview the staff of the maid agency on how they look for the right maid for a family. They may have suppliers of maids whom they work with or the maids themselves recommend their friends. Check whether the maid agency has a system in matching the right maid to your family.Visit for some related definitions.